campaigns for crypto & FinTech startups willing to conquer the market. Spread a word about your project and boost a user base at as low as $0.5 per client even tomorrow, regardless of how far you are from achieving your goals

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We launch marketing campaigns for digital products focused on Crypto, Blockchain, and FinTech.


Creating an individual marketing strategy that fully aligns with the objectives being pursued

A properly built marketing strategy — that is what differentiates a successful launch from just a good one. Based on case research, communication blueprint, tone of voice and other additional instruments, your strategy serves as a unifying framework for all further promotional activities.

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Public relations

Producing and distributing brand-related content that makes a difference

A well-balanced list of PR activities, including various brand-affiliated publications featured in leading niche media and influencer marketing — this is what will result in considerable increases in brand awareness.

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Digital Advertising

Defining the digital advertising channels that are really worth using

We understand how important adhering to your budget is, that is why we carefully select advertising channels that suit each case, and constantly work to optimize campaigns, once launched.

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Social Media Marketing

Creating an individual marketing strategy that fully aligns with the objectives being pursued

Spreading the word is great, but cultivating community discussion is even better, and effective SMM is the way to draw extra attention to your product’s selling-points by skillfully communicating with your customers and engaging those who haven’t yet joined.

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Improving a project’s image and reputation & rebounding from negative cases

Search engine reputation plays a critical role in both attracting new customers and retaining those already familiar with your product. We rely on our experience and expertise in order to ensure that your potential clients go far beyond «the first impression stage».

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