An EMI company from the Baltic region, looking for a remarkable marketing campaign to cover upcoming product releases, namely, its brand new payment card and restructured mobile applications
The Challenge
We are about to release several significant updates on our product, so the massive marketing support is needed. As we've already reached a pretty good position on the regional market, it might be a good time to take the next step towards the global audience.
launch it:
Well, we are all in favor of setting ambitious goals. There's a point in delivering your news to the most trusted regional outlets, along with seeking a possibility to hit some internationally recognised heights.
What do you mean by this?
launch it:
We can start by featuring your project on Google News and Yahoo.Finance. This would be good for the search reputation and the brand's level of trust.
Sounds great. By the way, is it possible to do something about some negative media publications caused by the little difficulties we faced some time ago?
Sure, let's see what we can do here.
The Solution
The very first step was developing a PR strategy, implementing it in two sprints.

First we created a longlast content plan with advanced link building. The list included press releases covering both expected product updates, several native articles, reviews and a CEO interview for a widely-know fintech media outlet, confirmed at an early stage.

Once the list of media outlets was set and approved, our copywriting team crafted articles that included the proper keywords and cross-reference links. Most of the latter were geared towards improving the page rank of the publication, which had to overtake the negative case's position in Google's search results.

The negative publication was superseded by a top-positioned article, related to the very same topic and providing some vital updates on the situation that caused the initial trouble. Although there was no real chance to completely delete the negative article, we managed to negotiate adding some positive updates to the article itself.
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