A full stack developer, Alexey, looking to launch his digital development agency. While highly skilled at his job, Alexey needed assistance in creating his project's website front, including the basics, like the concept and structure as well as producing catchy content
The Challenge
Hey, guys, it seems I'm finally up to build something on my own. I'm thinking of a full service developing agency. But for now, we are lack of branding ideas.
Well, you can rely on us here. What exactly do you have in mind?
First, we need a remarkable fresh idea on the project's naming. Second, the way how it will look. Here we need everything to line up: the logo, website design, the whole concept. I mean, the client, when visiting our website, has to feel that our agency is the one capable of creating an excellent technological solution for their needs.
Looks like we understand each other! We will revert to you soon with some mock-ups.
The Solution
At first, as is usually the case, we conducted an interview with the client to figure out and articulate the vision of the future product. Alexey wanted a simple but memorable solution. As a result, we established simplicity and accessibility as the red lines of our conception.

The light and clear structure of the website focuses the viewer's attention on the key points, without unnecessary clutter. Came, saw, got hooked — that's what we had in mind while working on the website's content. And with a catchy interactive design, both parties are happy with the results. You can take a look for yourself:

To ensure that the project's next steps were no less firm than the very ones, we provided Alexey with a list of SEO recommendations that touched on web markup, trackers and loading speed optimisation, among other things.

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